Our recruitment department deals with both permanent and contract requirements. Furthermore, we make extensive use of technical tests and interviews for evaluating and matching clients' requirements with applicant abilities. This allows us to pre-select applicants so that instead of bombarding our clients with a large number of CVs, we send a small subset that have been carefully filtered. We expect 50% of those interviewed to be offered a position, which demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach. Curtis Reed Associates are strongly committed to the continuous improvement of our methods and processes to ensure a quality service. As part of our quality drive, we are dedicated to the "best practice" philosophy, and will always act in the best interests of our clients.


Curtis Reed Associates provide a complete service based on quality and professional ethics, which wherever possible includes:

  • visiting clients to get a clear understanding of their requirements.
  • validating the skills of applicants using our own technical tests.
  • screening applicants via telephone interviews.
  • meeting candidates before they are presented to clients wherever possible.
  • ensuring strict confidentiality of all information provided by the client, unless authorized by client.
  • maintaining communications and notify clients of any changes in the candidate’s circumstances.
  • a single point of contact within Curtis Reed Associates for all clients, unless otherwise agreed, to maintain continuity and standards of service.
  • using agreed contacts and channels handling recruitment within client organization.

We understand that it takes more than matching a CV to the job spec to determine suitability of a candidate, and to this end Curtis Reed Associates attempt to get a feel for the client's requirements for a position, and the applicants' capabilities using the dimensions of:

  • professionalism
  • technical ability
  • business knowledge

The consultant's comments that are included with each CV reflect our impressions in these areas. We identify and report on strengths as well as weaknesses, and we only present CVs that have a realistic chance of employment.

This partly explains the success of Curtis Reed Associates.